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Project Periscope can offer you three approaches to supporting the work of your organisation.


Periscope Support

Project Periscope offers individualised support to Charities seeking to improve performance and organisational success. Three options exist.

Organisational assessments and support

Project Periscope can offer a range of consultancy services to assist with

  • Fundraising programme audits - to tell you how effective and efficient your fundraising programme is and how best you might enhance your fundraising performance
  • Board development - to assist Boards to better understand the 'rules of the game' with 'tips of the trade' to ensure your Board focused is balanced and effective
  • Specific fundraising campaign planning

Individual Workshops

A range of half-day workshops from the Periscope Programme we can offer to individual Charities wishing to engage all their key staff and Board.

Contract services

We can offer qualified general management or fundraising specialist temporary staff to maintain momentum of your team and to also assess  strengths and weaknesses as you through the process of reviewing positions or seeking a permanent replacement


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Periscope Tools

Periscope Tools utilises data published in the Charities Services database to assist you better understand your Charity's performing compared to other similar Charities. This service is available exclusively to Registered Charities. We can tailor an assessment based on your needs which may or may not include:

  • a general comparison of the data available on your organisation compared with others of the same (or different should you choose) organisational sector as your own Charity*
  • a comparison of the status of your Charity against nominated other Charities
  • a multi-year trend analysis of how your Charity has been tracking against other Charities you wish to compare
  • comparative analysis of the status and health of all Charities within a nominated territory (usually district, regionally and/or nationally)

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The Periscope Programme

We have a range of half-day workshops aimed at trustees, staff or volunteers suitable for smaller to medium sized organisations, or the branches of larger organisations. They are also designed to be delivered in communities throughout the country, reaching the grass-root levels of organisations. And, they are designed to be interactive with opportunity to both participate and to learn practical ‘tips and tricks.’

These workshops are offered in two streams:

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“The Board greatly appreciated expertise and depth of analysis … and the succinct and sound advice arising from it that challenges us to make several significant changes.”

Pauline, Chair
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