Wouldn't it be helpful to know how well your Charity's performance compares against other similar groups - to have data available to you to help you with your organisation's planning and performance? Periscope Tools is able to provide you with different ways in which you can compare your Charity's performance against that of similar Charities.

We have access to the details of the annual performance reports of all Registered Charities. That enables us to compare the details of you organisation against any other selected organisations, or simply show you how you are performing against all other Charities within your sector at a district, regional or national level.

We can also provide you with how your organisation has been trending against others over the last 2, 3, 5 years or however far back you wish to explore.

All analysis is undertaken specific to your specifications and provision of the information we supply includes a briefing from us to ensure you can understand what the data is telling you.


Take a sneak peek at what a report comparing selected Charities against your Charity might look like.

Take a sneak peek at what a simple comparison of your Charity against all similar Charities might look like



Enquire about data analysis options that might assist you








“We have started sharing the 'Periscope Report' document with some members of our Committee and you have given us a lot to think about and talk about. We have found this exercise extremely interesting.”

Sarah, Manager

“We were all informed. It is fascinating to think about the real meaning of the data.”

Dennis Chairman
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